CRO Bookmarks of the Week #4

Check out the latest roundup up my personal favourite posts this week on the subjects of conversion rate optimisation, usability, calls to action, and content marketing:

Website Testing Wins: What’s a Picture Worth in On-Site Search Results
A great article by Peter Borden on the Monetate blog.

Ecommerce A/B testing: Large Product Images Increase Sales by 9%
An interesting case study on the Visual Website optimizer blog.

The Grammar of Interactivity
This post on UX Booth really struck a chord with me. It’s all about calls to action and how they should always follow the WYLTIWLT rule. Well worth a read.

If Landing Pages Were People – 3 Nasty Habits That Drive Prospects Away
Nice post over on the KISSmetrics blog about the similarities between landing pages and people!

Creating Engaging Content: 3 Calls to Action that Get Conversions
Another post on calls to action (something of a theme here!) by Megan Brown on the Content Marketing Institute site.

5 Practical Tips to Improve Email Abandonment Campaigns
A guest post by Red Eye’s Commercial Director on the ever-informative Smart Insights site.

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Call to Action Fail: Newcastle City Council

Unclear Call to Action

When paying for a council service online recently, I was amazed at how poor the user experience was; unnecessary form fields, endless forms, no labeling… but worst of all, the most unclear call to action I’ve seen in a while.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the primary call to action of ‘Continue’ is lost adjacent to ‘Back to Payments’, perilously close to ‘Cancel Payment’, and sitting near to an awkwardly positioned, and somewhat redundant, ‘Back to Top’.

I would love to know the percentage of users who come to this page who end up mistakenly cancelling their payment or end up hitting ‘Back to Top’. When people have their cards out and they’re ready to pay, the last thing you want them to do is to have to stop and think about what they need to do next, as Steve Krug said; Don’t Make Me Think!

Do feel free to share any of your call to action fails that you’ve spotted via the comments below.

CRO Bookmarks of the Week #3

Once again, there’s been loads of blog posts and articles published on various CRO topics, including consumer psychology, landing page optimisation, UX design and slpit testing this week. There’s been too many to read, but the below are the ones that caught my eye over the last week or so:

How to snag a sale from a simple ‘contact us’ page

Packages sealed with ‘Atheist’ tape go missing 10x more often than controls

3 unconventional elements to test in checkout

The landing page optimization process (Infographic)

Why you should make it easy for customers to contact you

How to raise your email opt-in rate: three CRO case studies on overlays

The ultimate UX design of form validation

A ‘formula’ for landing page optimisation

Yet another experiment showing that conscious ‘decisions’ are made unconsciously, and in advance

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Small Nudges

Small Nudges

I came across a great Tumblr site this week; Small Nudges, which highlights subtle user centered design elements and conversion principles at work across many different sites and sectors. It’s definitely worth a scroll through for some inspiration.

CRO Bookmarks of the Week #2

It’s been a busy week in the world of CRO and UX with numerous blog posts, articles, reports and case studies catching my eye. The below links are to those posts that I’ve found most valuable this week:

Comparing the anatomy of B2B landing pages

Conversion maximization – the essential workflow (Report)

Abandoned basket emails – the good, the bad and the ugly

How to create awesome digital content for your squeeze page

Where’s the best place to put your CTA (Case Study)

How to establish a ‘control’ landing page for a new product or service

26 beautiful landing page designs critiques with a/b testing tips

11 ways to optimize thank you pages

Spying on your competitors to increase conversion rates

Designing a better mobile checkout process

UX: 7 product image categories

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CRO Bookmarks of the Week #1

Not a day goes by that I don’t read and share a blog post, article or infographic on the topics of conversion rate optimisation or UX, so I thought I’d start to document the best that I’ve read or shared throughout that week.

The below links are to those posts that I’ve found most valuable this week:

Gucci’s new mobile site is a case of style over user experience

The shocking truth about how web graphics affect conversions

Conversion rate optimization maturity model

Hacking the brain

Are you a UX statistic

Conversion rate optimization the right way: tying in qualitative data

UX myths that hurt SEO – Whiteboard friday

Post-coversion strategies for lead gen landing pages

Shut that wallet: 9 tricks shops use to get you to spend more

The 12-step landing page rehab program (infographic)

What marketing can teach us about UX

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CRO Tools Website Launches

Welcome to the first ever post on CRO Tools; the ultimate conversion rate optimisation resource, born out of a desire to catalogue all of the amazing tools and software out there to help improve the pursuit of an improved user experience.