CRO Bookmarks of the Week #1

Not a day goes by that I don’t read and share a blog post, article or infographic on the topics of conversion rate optimisation or UX, so I thought I’d start to document the best that I’ve read or shared throughout that week.

The below links are to those posts that I’ve found most valuable this week:

Gucci’s new mobile site is a case of style over user experience

The shocking truth about how web graphics affect conversions

Conversion rate optimization maturity model

Hacking the brain

Are you a UX statistic

Conversion rate optimization the right way: tying in qualitative data

UX myths that hurt SEO – Whiteboard friday

Post-coversion strategies for lead gen landing pages

Shut that wallet: 9 tricks shops use to get you to spend more

The 12-step landing page rehab program (infographic)

What marketing can teach us about UX

This is likely to become a regular Friday post if other people find it a valuable resource, so please do let me know your thoughts in the comments, and if you’d like your post featured then get in touch with me on here, via the email address crotools [at] gmail [dot] com or on Twitter.

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